Each day 200 million blogs are read. Which consists of all the genres possible, be it Technology, be it politics, be it movies or education etc. The rate at which the blogging industry is booming is mind-boggling. Just try to think about it, most of the YouTube content creators will run out of content if there won’t be any blogs or articles floating around the internet. The internet exists just because of articles and blogs. You can never go on your own, you need Google, what Google does? It indexes all the blogs and articles down your way.

I was reading the other day that the blogging scope in the field of Fashion and lifestyle is exponentially creating a dent in the social world. More accessibility to the internet and hence more users flow in, has created the audience keenly interested in the ins and outs of Fashion.

3Guess how the Vogue, Elle, and POPxo are surviving today? Fashion blogs. You see they have a majority of readership from the female sector of society. Women really need a good guide to get their way around the current lifestyle and fashion. Here is how you can become a successful Fashion Blogger. Take a good inspiration and let the things fruit well for your blog.

  • Follow Active and authentic sources

You just cannot write for the current goings on your own, you need to fixate on a regularly updated authentic source for the recent goings in the field of fashion. There are various Fashion Magazine websites you can look forward to and curate the content suitable for the public you’re targeting.


  • Identify what’s your genre in the field

Fashion is consists of many sub-categories for example, it may be all about clothing, shoes, cosmetics, skin care etc. So you gotta choose up what suits up the vibe and your style of writing.

  • Find a catchy title for the website

Yes a word that’s like a ball of cherry to the mouth, simpler the title, better the readers can remember it, therefore more readership.


  • Buy a domain

The first step to getting it on “The Internet” is to get a domain, again make it the cherry of the mouth corresponding to the title you just thought. Go services offered for static websites don’t purchase packs for a dynamic one, it’ll cost you a bit.

  • Get someone to do the technical tasks

Don’t do all the technical stuff regarding the website, play smart, hire people to do it for you. Totally focus upon your writing


  • Social Presence

Make a dent on the sea-bed of the Internet. Create your brand. Create a good online presence on social media. Use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your blog.

  • Add advertisements

Add advertisements to your blogging website, place relevant ads and generate the revenue for the same. Ask the team for fashion based ads on your website, later you can have banners to promote a particular brand.


  • Search Effective content

Study the market around you, what people are liking and hit the hammer on hot topics to get more of the viewer flow to your end. Play smart.


  • Make a YouTube Channel

What can be better than this, YouTube can be your golden step, you can make videos of what you’re experimenting with and get sponsored by fashion companies. At the end of the blog, you can add your YouTube link to the video. So now you’ve become a Blogger and a “Vlogger”.


  • No Copyright Infringements

Blogs without pictures will be just so boring, add good quality minimal pictures and don’t invite those copyright infringements. You may lose a lot of money into those lawsuits. So beware, use authentic contents and mention the source.

Good Luck!