Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.~Thomas J. Watson

Going to different places is everyone’s destiny. No one stays in one place for the entire life. Knowing how to make friends help you to adjust better. Listed below are some tips that will help you out in getting acquainted:

Join organizations and volunteer

friendsWhenever you enter a new place, whether it’s a college or a new job, it is vital to get acquainted with personages around you. And to make new boon companions, the first thing you got to do is to join distinct organizations or groups in your college or maybe do some volunteer work. This will help you make friends all around the campus, not just in your class or your department.

Be nice and open

friendsEveryone has their own flaws and mannerism and some of us don’t approve or mandate others’ choices, but you should not let only a few distinct choices paint a picture in your mind about anybody. Maybe they have different tastes in music or maybe they have a kind of reserved personality but these things don’t make them a substandard or bad person. Respecting each other’s choices is an important step to get acquainted.

Respect others’ privacy

friendsNo one likes a person who put his nose in everyone’s business. Be open but try not to get involved in one’s personal matters, unless something really wrong is happening in your presence. People usually like a person who gives them space and doesn’t unnecessarily indulge in their matters. So don’t try to be a hero!

Don’t be too blunt

friendsHonesty is good but being “TOO HONEST” may backfire you. Come on! No one likes a person who is too brutal with his words. It’s good to speak out your opinions but it’s really rude to backbite, taken into consideration that you might be wrong and speaking ill of others may damage your image FOREVER!

Don’t be a part of any random group

friendsAvoid being part of a single group. If you are part of a group, you’ll have to take the approval of or at least seek advice from your group members on whom to talk and whom to avoid. Having a group might be an advantage for a certain span of time but sooner or later, you’ll feel chained. And most importantly no one in your life stays forever, so, when going to a new place, avoid forming any unnecessary group.