A mask has now become a part of our lives and is the new normal. The highly contagious nature of the virus has made it compulsory for us to wear a full protective mask all the time. But the issue is, are we wearing the mask properly? Are we taking all the precautions and following them correctly about how and where to wear them? Probably no! This is mainly due to negligence and not taking the threat of the virus seriously. You should be aware of some of the dos and don’ts of wearing a mask.

Maintain proper sanitization

How to mask yourself properly?

You are needed to wash or sanitize your hands before holding a mask as it is to protect you and not contaminate you by any means. Hold the mask by the bands only while putting on or taking it off. Don’t touch and share your mask. After using it, either discard it or wash it properly before reusing it as the danger posed by a dirty mask is no less than the virus!

It should be comfortable

You are not supposed to have breathlessness or breathing problems while wearing a mask so ensure that the one you are wearing is comfortable. Preferably use a cotton mask instead of fibers that are synthetic or vinyl. Avoid running or doing any exercise while you are masked.

Don’t break the contact!

How to mask yourself properly?

Whatever happens, never break the contact between the mask and your face essentially when you are at a public place. Once you pull off the mask, you are exposed to everything, and masking up even after a second is not going to protect you anymore. You need to be careful even if you are not surrounded by people as the virus can be air-borne too!

Don’t pull down your mask

You are supposed to cover and protect your nose and mouth and not your neck or any other body part. Two significant changes happen at the same time when you do so. One, you break the contact and are super-exposed and two, your mask is now in contact with some unfriendly germs and when you put it back on, you are basically breathing them.

It shouldn’t have any gaps or holes

How to mask yourself properly?

Make sure that your mask properly covers your face and there shouldn’t be any sufficient gap left. Also, prevent using the ones with holes in them as they are of no use. By this, you are not only endangering your life but also the ones around you. If none of the masks from the market fit you or are highly uncomfortable, you can always make a homemade mask according to your comfort.

These are some of the very basic tips and rituals which are aware of but fail to follow when required. The virus is no joke and along with it, the precautions that you take are not only to protect yourself but also everyone who surrounds you. So, follow them wisely.