With the outbreak of Covid-19, campus placement is one of the biggest causalities recorded. In the light of Corona, it is not just the students who are affected but the Universities and Colleges are in trouble too. Many students have lost their offers they have grabbed and many are still finding it difficult to capture one. As it is already Lockdown 4.0 which is on and companies are laying off their current employees, students are finding it hard to even grab a chance to appear for the interview.

Lockdown has not just made the country unstable but also it has invited major trouble where students are unable to interact and communicate effectively with their college placement department. However, every bad has good in it. As everyone is locked down into their houses, students are using this time effectively and efficiently to grow their skills.

Is Lock-down actually bad for students_

Aiming towards the professional growth of students and faculties, Lovely Professional University has collaborated with top E-learning institutes like Coursera for free certification. This collaboration aims for the professional growth of the students, to make them industry-ready in this lockdown so that by the time lockdown ends and various companies start searching for new talents, every student should be able to present themself as the best one. University has just not started providing various skill development workshops and guest lectures to students but they are also aiming for the best companies to bring opportunities for students as an internship under work from home options.

Although lockdown has impacted many institutes, many companies are hiring interns for various departments and are helping students in this lockdown. Several opportunities are floated on LinkedIn and many are communicated to various colleges. Lockdown has not just taught students to upgrade their hard skills but also has taught about various soft skills such as time management, versatility, networking, and many more.

Is Lock-down actually bad for students_

However, the negative impact of lockdown on the placements cannot be ignored but so are the positives of the lockdown. Students had understood how one can approach and communicate to several organizations for their internship and jobs giving them a great network in the corporate world. Many students are busy upgrading themselves for post lockdown interviews and many are busy collaborating and building connections to arrange the job for them.

It is very clear that lockdown has clearly impacted a lot of colleges and students but also has taught and given us a chance to evaluate ourselves and make the best out of this time.