The student organization, Oasis, under the aegis of the Division of Youth Affairs, Student welfare wing, Lovely Professional University has come up with an intriguing live session with a fantastic personality, Ms. Lataa Saberwal. She is an Indian film and TV actress, popularly known for her remarkable outplay in renowned hits like Vivah, Ishq vishq, Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, and many more. She is also a nutritionist, image consultant, and TEDx speaker.

She grew up in a family who wanted her to focus on her studies and she used to participate in all the extracurricular activities starting from dance to debate during her school and college time. She first auditioned for a dance show on the occasion of Baisakhi for Doordarshan. She also advised the vertos that if you’re confused and can’t decide what to choose, in that case, you should always choose what will give you lots of happiness and makes you feel alive. She also advised all the parents that everyone has to change with the course of time and it is okay to keep an eye on their child but you should also give them the freedom to decide for themselves.

She also asserted that when students approach their parents with some different ambitions in mind, they should provide satisfactory answers to ‘Why’. She also added that being successful is a feeling and it can vary from person to person. Ms. Lataa also advised vertos to try meditation or any other practice that can help in maintaining your overall health.

Illuminating live session with Lataa Saberwal

Being an image consultant, she also gave a few quick tips to the vertos who will be sitting for the placement soon. She asserted that one’s selection is decided in just 3 seconds. The moment the interviewer sees you or the way you enter, that impression sets up in one’s subconscious mind and that decides the later questions too. So enter confidently with a bright smile and dress professionally. And as a nutritionist, she advised that there should be a balance in everything. If you have had healthy meals throughout the week then you can have cheat meals over the weekend but these should be taken as breakfast or lunch only, not dinner. Doing any kind of physical activity is also very important.

Growth is a very important factor in any field, if you feel there is no growth for you then the thing doesn’t make you happy. Life is all about learning and growing rather than being stagnant. The final advice she gave to vertos was that comparison is your biggest enemy, you have to be yourself and be authentic. Always keep learning new things if you want to progress in your life.

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