After a lull of twelve months post my masters, I decided to continue my studies. Getting shortlisted for a degree like PhD was something I always yearned for. Doing a PhD requires a lot of effort and quietude. Though I have none, an incessant push from my father broke the ice. I had to leave my home to a place where I was going to spend four years. Four years is a big deal. It was an emotional parting. I haven’t been away from home. It was a mixed feeling. Bidding adieu to home and heading to a place where I always wanted to be. I was anxious but excited too. Within some time we landed in Punjab.

The moment we landed, the bizarre ambience intimidated me. I terribly started missing my home. But, there was a thought which pacified my psyche, thought was getting into the university I wanted to. This helped me to stay strong and exhilarated. I was going to a university that was not less than a dream. Lovely Professional University, a name that needs no introduction. A brand in itself. In the flight, I constantly pictured myself as an alumnus of Lovely Professional University. My brother had studied at the same university for almost three years. I was well versed with the university but being a part of this varsity was different. Back at home, when I got a call from Lovely Professional University that I have got selected for PhD was a moment I cannot put into words. My father my mother jumped in joy over this news. I had given them the best gift of their life.

When we headed to the university, I remember my heart was racing up. My brain had turned into mush. So many questions and one answer, yes I am here finally surpassing all the barricades. When I entered the University, it was like a dream. Huge buildings, clean lawns, mesmerizing ambiences, beautiful roads, smiling faces left me delighted. For a while, I felt I have landed in some western university. It was so pleasant. I gazed. I gaped. I loved it. Lovely was lovely indeed. I loved every atom of it. I went straight to the admission block, got myself admitted. And next day classwork started.

Meanwhile, on way to my classes, I found a glimpse of literary activities taking place in front of a building. It was enchanting. I always wanted to participate in literary and cultural activities. I approached them. I instantly was entertained by the Literary Club. I attended two-three classes, it was the best experience so far.

It’s been more than one and a half months at Lovely Professional University; I am liking every atom of my university from lawns to roads, from canteens to hostels, from libraries to laboratories. It is a place to rejoice, a place to recreate, a place which offers you peace, contentment, and love.