India’s third-largest and second-most populous state, Maharashtra is an expansive canvas as it stretches from the west coast to the interior regions in central India. Maharashtra contains India’s most industrialized region, the Mumbai-Pune economic belt and agriculturally, it’s one of India’s more advanced and well-irrigated. Here, in One India, One World Fest at Lovely Professional University, this state was represented by the School of Education. The prime attraction was the “Dabbawalas of Mumbai” and the drums and flags of Martha’s. They showcased whole of Mumbai City with all its attractions, then the Kishanveer Sugarcane Factory, Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, IT Park in Pune,  Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport and Gateway of India in Mumbai. They also showcased Vitthal Dev’s idol who is worshipped all over Maharashtra. From the Vidarbha region, the Orange City Nagpur was exhibited with its Zero Mile, Diamond Crossing and other attractions. The city of Aurangabad was portrayed as an automobile hub as it houses Mercedes Benz, Skoda manufacturing plants.
Hidden among the mountains of India’s northeast, Nagaland has always evoked a sense of mysticism and abounds in primaeval beauty and tribal culture. This nostalgic feeling of home was recreated by the Department of Computer Science Engineering in their exhibition of Nagaland, here at One India One World fest at Lovely Professional University. The life of locals was presented with ease and simplicity which involved their attire and occupations. They portrayed the Nagamese art, paintings, culture juxtaposed with the economic power of handlooms and fashion industry. As the fashion industry is one of the highest grossing in this mountainous state, it was showcased a lot of detail. They were also selling local art crafts in the same instance. Their focus was also on farming and agriculture as it was shown through terrace farms and other cultivations. What another thing that was on the display throughout was the ancient Naga weapons with the Naga warriors.
A traveller’s paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, temples, charming hill villages, wildlife to create an atmosphere of tourism throughout the country. The same essence of tourism as an industry and economic power was carried out by Mittal School of Business in their exhibition of Nepal in One India One World fest at Lovely Professional University. They presented the tourism goal and vision of “Visit Nepal 2020” as the prime attraction. The model of One Horned Rhino was the showstopper. In the industrial front, they portrayed agriculture and farming, jute industry, hydroelectric powerplants as the prime focus. Chitwan National Park, Bhaktapur Darbar Square, Lumbini, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Temple were showcased as part of the tourism industry which drives the economy of Nepal.