Digital marketing, another name for internet or online marketing, is a widely growing field due to the tremendous increase in the use of the internet by people in the past decade. It is a way of selling your products by reaching out to the customers through online mode and gaining trust for your brand or company. Not only online mode, but offline modes including television and radio are still widely used today for digital marketing. Let’s discuss the various types of it:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the name suggests, it is the art of engaging more and more users to your website/webpage and win over customers with your creative and attractive content. One of the main goals of SEO is to enhance the number of viewers and visitors by having a high rank in SERPs (Search engine results page) in Google or other search engines respectively. These are purely merit-based i.e. they are organic and aren’t paid. It depends on the quality of your website and the content you present and is the cheapest among all.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It includes web trafficking by the clever use of keywords dealing with paid results appearing on Google. Google keyword planner can be used for the efficient use of keywords and then, it’s just a matter of execution! You will be charged every time any user visits or merely clicks on your site through GoogleAds. The demand for your keyword reflects the cost per click (CPC) which on the other hand signifies the competition you are facing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is nothing new and is a destination where almost everyone attaches. Similarly, promoting your business through social media is one of the most preferable options of most marketers by sponsoring ads to garner more audience which is a no-brainer! It helps you to analyse and observe the interest of your customers in a better way by directly interacting with them.

Content Marketing

It is the main backbone of digital marketing and spreads its branches to other fields as well, converting passive customers into active ones. All you need to know is the needs and desires of your customers and how to improve their experience, and it’s a win-win chance for you. For this, a good content writer’s marketing team is very essential to continue the smoothness of your system.

Email Marketing

This method may be considered old fashioned and archaic, but designing an email campaign by personalization tools has been supported by modern technology. But that does not include sending an email out of the blue which may harm your brand’s reputation. Instead, target the ones who have shown interest to hear from you and avoid third parties. Ask for feedback, give service reminders, know about their experience with you, and eventually become a trusted source to gather information from.