Most people consider Brain fog as a medical condition which is a misconception. In actuality, brain fog is a symptom that results from various unusual physical and mental habits. It is observed majorly in students, professionals, and industrialists. Issues like lack of mental clarity, lack of concentration, poor focus, irritation fall under Brain fog. If not tackled in time, it can lead to depression.

What causes Brain Fog?

1. Pressure

Taking extra work or assignments to impress your mentor or teacher can be dangerous for your mental health. It can increase the burden, leading to higher BP. As a result, it becomes hard to think clearly.

2. Sleeplessness

Almost 80% of the students don’t have any sleep routine. As timetable is crucial for personal growth, a sleep routine is essential for mental clarity. Binge-watching shows or doing projects until late at night is harmful in the long run.

3. Diet

Leaders and influencers have always advised us to maintain a balance and measured diet. But carelessness towards our intake has now become our biggest enemy in having a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 can even lead to mental imbalance.

4. Medications

If you’re taking some medications or undergoing treatment, then Brain fog could be one of the side effects of that. Hard medicines cause sleep abnormalities and pain, further resulting in Brain fog. Some other causes can be migraines, dehydration, diabetes or depression.

How to deal with it?

Brain fog is not a huge problem or disease; it is just a state of mind that can be cured by self. Brain fog, if ignored, fosters frustration. You will be frustrated with your performance and thus start feeling depressed. But remember, if tackled, it rewards you with immense happiness and peace. Doctors advise practicing meditation and breathing exercises for at least a month. But it is suggested to work on all the four segments collectively for better health and outcomes.

brain fog

Don’t take work more than what you could handle. You don’t need to maintain the top position in a college or at work always. Sometimes, just coming up with a better mental state is beneficial for your overall health.

Internet claims that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi sleeps 4 hours a day and Jeff Bezos sleeps more than 11 hours a day. So, what should you do? Nothing! Just stop comparing your physical health with any other personalities. Their bodies got balanced in those sleep cycles. And you should find yours, but, on average, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Also, take proper meals primarily, rich in vitamins, and try to decrease the amount of sugar from your daily intake.