Music enthusiast and music lovers from all over the world unite together on 21st June of every year to celebrate the ‘World Music Day’. World Music Day also known as ‘Fete de la Musique’ began in France in 1982. This idea was conceived in 1981 by French Minister of Culture Jack Lang, and since then the day has been celebrated every year as the World Music Day. What began in France as a music festival way back in the 90s has now become a revolution of its own kind.

The main focus of this day is to promote peace, love, and unity through the power of music. To bring about a reasonable understanding of living together in peace, and to tackle hatred and war that poisons the society. This is by far one of the most soothing and beautiful solution to bring an end to the roots of conflicts and resentment that takes birth inside the human mind.

This day brings together people from all walks of life. With no restriction in age, race, class and origin, the young, the adult, and the old can all be part of this musical fiesta and relieve their minds off troubles and worries. The World Music Day brings about a sense of rejuvenation to the soul and allows our minds to transcend to the happy place.

All kinds of musicians from every corner of the world have adopted this trend since the past to play free music for the public viewers in their own respective cities and localities. The musicians showcase their diversity in various genres and collectively perform their hearts out for their fans and viewers.

Such a day reminds us of the massive power of music to heal the world. And the influence of music towards the world to make it a better place becomes a probable reality each day.