Lovely Professional University has come together with Udacity, one of the world’s best online education platforms especially for technology training in the niche areas of Machine Learning, Mobile Development, Web Development, Big Data, and Analytics. This initiative would propel the participating members to up skill with the technologies of the future.

Latest technical skills are the bread and butter of the ever changing landscape of the IT sector. Having yourself well equipped with the same provides an extra edge from the rest of the crowd. Udacity based in the USA, delivers cutting-edge training which will provide the participant with a comprehensive, tailored learning experience.

Udacity comes with various benefits such as-

  1. Access to world’s best coursework on technologies of tomorrow, developed with top companies like Amazon and Google etc.
  2. Special subsidized pricing for current Students, Faculty and Staff with an additional benefit of 50% refund on completing a Nano degree for current LPU students.
  3. Become eligible for Udacity career services which include Internship and Placement assistance for most of the programs.

First 20 students, who would finish the degree in a stipulated time frame, University would honor the participant with a cash prize of 5000 INR as they would be evaluated by an expert panel.

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