Times are tough now. With the death count nearing a million and affecting the lives of billions around the globe, the COVID 19 pandemic has brought in a global standstill. But as we have learned in our childhood, “Time and tide wait for none”. We must go on, in the hope of a brighter future, in the hope of a peaceful tomorrow, believing in the silver lining of the dark clouds that hang over humanity today. Although unemployment has reached its peak due to business closures and new norms forced in by the new coronavirus, you can still get an internship, provide you know some basic tricks, and are equipped with sufficient domain knowledge.

Here, we will discuss some tips that will help you get an internship even when the world economy is bumping over speed breakers.

  • Focus on Micro-internships

Internship During COVID-19

For the starters, try micro-internships. Micro-internships are short-term, project-based internships offered by the majority of Fortune 500 companies throughout the globe. The paid, project-based and highly specific professional assignments almost make you a freelancer as you are in charge of your work time. The only thing that matters the most is successful and time-bound completion, which leaves you with an internship certificate at the end.

Although micro-internship was growing in the pre-COVID times, it has received a thrust in recent months, mainly due to the social distancing norms and cost-cutting initiatives by the companies. Websites such as parkerdewey (https://www.parkerdewey.com/career-launchers) will help you a lot in this sector.

  • Broaden your search

Internship During COVID-19

You might be having an eagle’s eye on a position in your favorite company that is no longer hiring. Well, that’s frustrating, but there is nothing we can do. Keep in mind that the post is not taken down forever it’s only closed for a few months. Meanwhile, you can broaden your search and say yes to other opportunities that include trying out your luck in other similar companies, applying for an internship in companies that operate in a slightly different domain, or even moving out to national and internal regions. Once you break out of your comfort zone, you will see numerous opportunities lined out for you, which you never expected.

  • Develop new skills

Internship During COVID-19

This point is a direct implication of the previous one as to work in a slightly different domain you need to develop new skills that might be out of your expertise. In tough times like this, you cannot rely on a single skill of yours as uncertainty is everywhere. Research about the current trends in your industry and visit various MOOC platforms to be an expert on those subjects. That might delay your internship, but the certification will surely give you a head start.

  • Keep an eye on those who are recruiting

Vigilance is the key. Not all sectors are facing a setback, nor all companies are releasing employees. With all the negative news going around us, it is easy to assume that layoffs are the only thing companies are doing right now. But that’s not the case. Look out for large companies, health care, consultation, and financial sectors providing job opportunities. You can make use of websites such as Handshake to look for internship opportunities.

Every internship matters. Not only do you get to feel what the corporate sector looks like, but you also get to implement what you have learned till now that will help you to get a job later on as the hiring company can rely on your already-acquired skills to sustain in this sector. Just be confident about your ventures, and COVID-19 can cause no roadblock in your path to achieve experience and add a certificate in your final resume.