All of us know that nutritional food is a requirement as much as air and water for a healthy life. However, it doesn’t seem that our hosteler community (students living in hostels) is living that healthy lifestyle, which is necessary for them. There may be a lot of argument regarding this universal problem, so here we are going to discuss some of the reasons responsible for it:

  1. Can’t get along with mess food

Mess food is something about which almost every hosteler complains. Whether the problem is about its quality or taste, it is a universal truth that mess food will never be able to fulfil the expectations of all the hostelers. It results in the frequent skipping of meals, eating out, and even loss of appetite in extreme cases.

  1. Hostelers don’t care about nutrition

Harsh but true that proper nutrition is not such a severe concern in the eyes of the hostelers. Our young folks may worry about a lot of stuff, but their daily nutritional requirements are something we won’t see them pondering over. All they need is a bellyful of tasty food, and they are good to go.

  1. Fast and Packaged food

Rarely would you find a hosteler who doesn’t like to eat chips, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, deep-fried and whatnot? It’s like considered part of a student’s life and our so-called modernism. While the high-fat contents and other additives pose health concerns like obesity and indigestion, it also kills the appetite, which otherwise should be fulfilled with a balanced diet.

  1. Don’t have proper food resources

Even if someone starts caring about his/her intake, there is not much he/she can do. Adequate scheduling for our food time, consuming the ideal balanced diet is like a luxury for students. While not only time and financial constraints would be a prominent reason for the same, but also adequate food resources may not be available. So, the only option left with hostelers is to adjust according to what they have.

Whether you look at age-old verses or our modern scientific researches, it is a well-known fact that what we eat makes our mind and body. So, if we want our student community to excel in this competitive world, food is something about which we must think and act sincerely.