Lovely Professional University focuses on the overall development of each individual enrolled in the university and gives opportunities in every field. If you have some ideas and not sure about the execution, reach out to the concerned faculty and they will guide you with everything you need to do. If you want to learn any new technology which is not in your academic curriculum, the central library has all the required resources, you just need to reach there and grab the resources to start your dream course.

One among us, a student of B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering developed an android application to help the fellow students of B.Tech as well as other branches. He developed an android application named Presentation Management System (PMS), in which you have excess to reading material, ppts, syllabus, and previous year papers of almost all subjects of all streams. He developed this app with a motto to help other fellow students in academics by storing all reading material in one place, which can be accessed by anyone, anytime to study and score higher. He worked very hard to develop this application so that the fellow students don’t face any problem related to reading materials.

I have seen many students asking here and there for the reading material, days before exams. This app helps them a lot with reading material of their desired subject plus previous years’ papers so that they can practice more and score higher. You can read anytime, anywhere with this, just download the material and start reading. If you don’t find the related material there and you got it from somewhere else, then you can always help others by sending those materials to him via mail. He will upload the same and it will help other students next time. This way you can also contribute to this, always do that.

So, if you have any ideas like this, do start implementing them, take guidance from seniors and faculties. This also opens an earning opportunity for you. Just remember that you are not compromising with your studies while doing this, always prioritize things and then work as per the plan. Lovely Professional University always provides a platform, grab that opportunity with both hands and work hard.