Doctors and nurses weren’t the only warriors on the forefront against a memorable fight with the most minute foe the world has ever confronted, Coronavirus. Among these were a multitude of overlooked yet truly great individuals such as pharmacists, businesspeople, and a lot more who did their best to get out of this pandemic.

Other than the medical practitioners, the present drug specialists likewise are set up to confront the forthcoming difficulties in the post-COVID time. Internationally, the current condition in the medical services framework powers for a greater number of gifted Pharmacists, so there is a developing interest in re-skilling the drug store labor force. A parallel path is trailed by the Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association (IPGA), a functioning relationship with a mission to improve the expert status of drug store graduates and to make sure about their legitimate spot in a drug store and unified callings. The IPGA has managed an immense gifted labor force that has and is at present seeking after the eventual benefits of the government assistance of the average folks. Alongside the recorded individuals, volunteers from different colleges and universities have likewise promised to join this fight against Coronavirus.

Recently Lovely Professional University alumni were felicitated by IPGA as COVID-19 heroes for their significant endeavors during the pandemic. Among these were Ms. Anupama Kalia-Drug Inspector, Jalandhar (B. Pharm-2006), Mr. Amarjit Singh-Drug Inspector, Jalandhar (M. Pharm-2006), Mr. Jaswinder-Entrepreneur, SATNAM SURGICAL, Jalandhar (B. Pharm-2006), and Mr. Ashish Manocha C/O Manocha Medical Hall (B. Pharm/M.Pharm-2020). The ceremony took place in the gracious presence of Dr. Monica Gulati (Sr. Dean, LFAMS, LPU), Gaurav Gupta (Head, Alumni Relations), and Deepshika Sharma (Asst. Professor, LSPS, LPU).

Even in the past, LPU alumni have devoted themselves to society amid the C-Virus spread, keeping the flag of LPU high. We salute these graduated classes and the untold ones that are yet battling on the forefront.