There are 195 officially recognized countries, and most of us have not set our feet out of India. Despite the greatness of the country we are born in, and the pride in the rich heritage we share, every one of us wants to experience the other side of the world. Questions like how the people in other countries live, what traditions they have, what values and lifestyle they hold, and so on have always intrigued us. That’s the basic human instinct: to know more about others and the surroundings.

At the same time, we are students, which means that we can’t go and live in a foreign country for a year or so, to experience a different lifestyle. Unless you are willing to take a gap year, and after returning, run with all sorts of documents to explain why you took that gap year to continue your education.

That’s where the significance of study abroad kicks in to help us out.

Study Abroad program

What is Study Abroad?

Study abroad is the name given to a program that allows a student to live in a foreign country and attend a foreign university on a valid VISA as a part of the course they are enrolled in. Study abroad programs are usually run by a university, where students are given as much flexibility as possible to choose their country and college.

There are various types of study abroad programs, with durations ranging from a semester to a couple of them, that can be chosen as per the convenience of the students.

Study Abroad program

Why opt for a Study Abroad program?

If you love traveling and exploring things independently, I guess you are already convinced why you should go to a foreign university and spend few months on foreign land. Still, there are many more reasons why you should enroll yourself in a study abroad program:

  • International experience will help brighten up your CV during the final job interview process.
  • Communication and adaptability: the two basics of survival in the corporate sector will be your left-hand’s task.
  • Experiencing a completely new different way of teaching and learning might ring the interest bell inside your head.
  • In an alien place, you will learn to be by yourself, adding a new level of self -confidence.
  • Expansion of the career spectrum as you will get to learn about new methods and job prospects that might not yet be prevalent in the parent country.
  • Lastly, the exposure, learning about foreign culture and their way of life, getting to see historic and famous places, tasting local delicacies, and making lifelong foreign friends are just add-ons to this long list.
Study Abroad program

How to select Study Abroad programs?

Being one of the top private institutions of the country, Lovely Professional University hosts a lot of study abroad programs for its students and provides ample opportunities in terms of flexibility to those who want to opt for it.

Spending a semester or a year out of one’s country is a huge responsibility both for the students and his or her family. One needs to manage many things such as monetary backup, finding residence, adaptability, managing traveling expenses, getting to know the local guardian, and so on, to carry out a successful study abroad program. Hence flexibility to choose a program as per convenience is a must, which LPU very well caters to.

Programs such as credit transfer, semester exchange, summer/winter school, masters abroad, and international internships are often backed up by a large number of scholarships in LPU to lessen the monetary stress on the families of the students.

With a long list of partner universities to choose from, all you need to do is visit the Study Abroad page and apply as per your choice.