Pramod Maheshwari is an Indian educator and entrepreneur, also an IIT alumnus and Physics teacher. He is the Founder Chairman, CEO, and MD of Career Point Ltd, Kota. He was awarded Star CEO Award during the 3rd BT-YES Bank SME Awards in 2012. The session was organized on 19th February 2022.

After graduating from IIT in 1993, Pramod Maheshwari wanted to go to the USA. But later, he came up with the idea of teaching students physics. He started with 50 students and not only did he teach them, but also learned many things from them. Few of these students also got selected in IIT. He considers himself fortunate as he got into the right profession at right time. He enjoyed teaching physics for 17 years. He added that looking back at his whole journey, it has been delightful to see his coaching center become significantly large and it satisfies him to see his students at different positions like CEO, MD, IAS officers working across the globe. He also added, “There’s nothing more satisfying than education. You get everything from respect to recognition.”

He asserted that challenge is a part of our life, being in a low phase is a part of any profession because if you try to do something, you will face challenges. If you are facing challenges, it means you’re growing. With challenge also comes new opportunities and there is a scope for a better future ahead. He believes that there is always a growth opportunity beyond your failures. The people who are actually winners face the challenge confidently, find the solution of complex solutions and move to the next level. Everybody is facing challenges and fighting them, winners are only those who address them.

Illuminating live session with Pramod Maheshwari

He also emphasized that parents should give freedom to their children to pursue anything whether mainstream or not. They should allow their kids to explore their potential. One has to be a lifelong learner and be updated about various career options.

He always tells his students that all IITians and doctors are not successful and all successful people around the world are not IITiand and doctors. You have to find something that always keeps you going.

Everybody has to be informed, you need to be updated on what’s happening around you. He also added a famous phrase, “Opportunity knocks very softly.” Only informed people can take advantage of those opportunities. For being informed, you need to be proactive. He described passion as something that truly satisfies you and that particular event motivates you to do it more. You gradually identify your passion. He also advised that these are complicated things, you should just do it and on the way, you’ll find your passion. Be alert of the things that motivate you. If you want to learn something, you can spend time and learn about it. Life skills are very important in one’s life. He advised budding entrepreneurs to identify the gap in society and find simple solutions to challenges faced by people. One should celebrate small things to boost yourself. The final message he gave to the viewers was soft skills and life skills are important and you can always train yourself. If you have life skills, you will surely rise in the hierarchy of management.

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