Based on the insights from business leaders of the country, Lovely Professional University has lately been ranked among India’s top 10Promising Campuses for Research & Innovations’. A team of Chief Executive Officers, Vice Chancellors, and Industry veterans from across the country have declared this ranking. This has been mentioned with illustration by the ‘CEO Insights’ editorial team in one of its issues. The magazine holds that ‘LPU is integrating unique teaching pedagogies to offer class leading education’.

LPU has been ranked for being a pioneering educator that aims for offering industry-oriented education in diverse streams, at a time, including engineering, management, pharmacy, architecture, hospitality, fashion, agriculture, digital marketing, biotechnology, humanities and more.

The magazine recognizes the foremost campuses contributing to progress of human existence. The listing has campuses providing an excellent environment for empowerment innovations of latest products and services.

In fact, the industry academia gap has been a prevalent problem that has been plaguing the Indian higher education sector for many years.  Pioneering educational institutions have been striving hard to bridge this gap by equipping their students with the needed skills required to thrive in the corporate realm.

On this rare applause, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal shares: “LPU aims to create inspired learners that are capable of making a name for themselves in their respective industries. Apart from that, LPU also emphasises on nurturing students that are able to make a positive impact on the society through their work. By instilling a culture based on innovation and research, our university has been able to offer wholesome education for the holistic development of its students.”

Owing to the quality of the education offered at LPU; it has also been awarded on numerous occasions. In such a coveted ranking, it is ranked amongst the top 200 universities of the world in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.

Favouring LPU, experts suggest that innovative education propagates curriculum for development of students to solve challenges in the modern world. The campuses offering research and innovations help in development of technology, medicine, food and beverage, and more.