The student organization Society for Management Learning under the aegis of Division of Youth Affairs, Student welfare wing, LPU came up with an enlightening and motivational session with Captain Zoya Agarwal. She is the first female aviator who commanded a flight over the North Pole. It was a historic moment for aviation in 2021, flown by an all-women cockpit crew, the first non-stop flight from San Francisco to Bengaluru. This route is one of the longest non-stop air routes in the world covering a distance of about 16,000 kilometers! Isn’t it exciting?

After this, she was also appointed by the United Nations as its spokesperson for Generation Equality. Captain Zoya Agarwal started the live session with a lot of ebullience and quoted that nothing is impossible because the word itself says “I am possible”. She also added that each and every one of us can follow our dream despite the various odds. When she was eight, she decided to become a pilot but people around her used to laugh at her for having dreamt of being a pilot. To which, she always replied with a bigger smile on her face. She added ‘Don’t lose sight of your goals and it doesn’t matter even if someone ridicules you or your goals. You know what you want, what your end goal is. Nobody has the power to push you or stop you except you yourself.’

Exhilarating live session with Captain Zoya Agarwal

Always choose that path that you want, that will benefit you. Coming from a conservative background, she faced many challenges initially and had to go through troubles to make her parents realize that this was something she wants to do in her life. Mariah Cary’s song, Hero gave her strength during this time and she also narrated the lyrics in the session with zest saying “The hero lies in you”.There are many things happening in life that might work in our favor or against us. Instead of focussing on things that are not in our control, we can change our perception and focus on the positives. As long as you exercise your power of perceiving things your way, then nobody can challenge you.

It is essential to onboard your parents with whatever decisions you take. The best quality that every parent possesses is that they want their child to be happy and only want good things for them. If you want to pursue any stereotypical profession, you have to show your parents your hard work. She also added that whenever you want to do something with your heart and soul, God gives you the energy to make that happen. Believe in your vision, believe in your goals, and learn to prioritize things to make things easier. The final message she gave was whenever there are hurdles, you should continue to dream. Every single great reality starts with a great dream. Every great dream begins with a great dreamer and that dreamer lies in all of you. So don’t give up, pursue your dreams and fuel them with hard work, and you’ll get there.

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