Collaborations act like an elevator and are known to always ace the way to success. Through the international tie-ups, students are able to grab their seats either in the semester exchange program, wherein you get to study and experience a span of approx. six months (a semester) at whatever college you choose or the credit transfer program, where one gets to complete the second half of one’s degree in the chosen international college and likewise both help accelerate one’s journey to success. Lovely Professional University is already up with a series of collaborations this year including the one with The University of Helsinki in Finland, Aston University in the UK, and Accra Technical University in Ghana.

After so many consecutive collaborations this year, Lovely Professional University has once again brought one incredibly significant collaboration that, in the near future, would expedite the success of both our students and staff. Lovely Professional University has collaborated with Laurentian University, which happens to be, one of the top universities in Canada and this collaboration will help to extend the horizons of opportunities for our students.

Laurentian University, established in 1960, is a public university and is in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. It has been ranked 1704 in the world university rankings which lists it as one of the top universities in Canada.  It is known to have some significant notables as a mind-blogging physics program that is supposedly associated with the Nobel-prize-winning, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory lab.  Along with that, it has some renowned alumni including some celebrities, business people, athletes and politicians like Mike Harris and Kyle Davidson. 

Although the institute is known to provide more than 150 courses, this collaboration will impact the specific graduation programs related to psychology, social works, architecture and even computer science. Also, it sets to bring on numerous opportunities for our vertos, especially if they are planning to study and settle in abroad, and that too hassle-free.

With yet another prodigious collaboration in Canada, done to enrich LPU’s academic curriculums and open various gateways of undiscovered paths. We anticipate an astounding collaboration that will enrich education and provide massive opportunities for our young minds!