Lovely Professional University is one of the best educational institutions in the world and gives the best facilities and opportunities for the students who are studying. One of the attractive choices that the University gives is the option for study abroad that included more than 150 foreign Universities where the student is allowed to complete a part of their program in LPU and the rest of it in any of the foreign Universities that LPU has partnered with the help of credit transfer program.

The countries where LPU holds tie-ups involve Canada, China, the United States of America, Austria, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Iraq, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Portugal, Italy, Bangladesh, Ghana, Finland, France, Taiwan, South Korea, Switzerland, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Israel, and Brazil. The credit transfer program can also include recruitment of students, semester exchange, summer/winter exposure, international internship opportunities, exchange of students, Masters abroad, collaborative research, and for appointment of International Educational Consultants.

LPU has now strengthened its global connection by adding another University and country to its list. It has now collaborated with Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan to provide more exchange opportunities for students in Japan. The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RHIN) was founded in the year 2001 with the support of the Government of Japan for the promotion of “integrated co-operative research towards the solution of the global environmental problems”. It is also looking forward to and working towards making a global platform for the field of environmental studies.

It has the perfect atmosphere for research with extensive lab facilities with multi-disciplinary research projects for high-quality analysis in biological, chemical, and physical aspects of the environment. It tends to solve the issues of our environment using theories, concepts, and practical experiments for improving the quality of life of individuals. The students receiving the opportunity to study at this University will have greater exposure to the world of environmental sciences and should utilize the most out of it for the benefit of the environment and ecological purposes.

Worth mentioning, LPU is trying its best to give students the broadest aspects of their courses and several opportunities to grab and shine in the future, credit transfer is among the very few benefits that our University provides us and we must try our best to become successful through this in our way.