COVID, Omicron, Delta, and Cyprus variant, as these terms start bursting its banks, you know what else is bursting? It’s Lovely Professional University’s placement records! Over again, Lovely Professional University just witnessed one of its jewels Nishant, from its flagship program B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (Hons.) get into a dream company called Nutanix Inc., with an annual super dream CTC of Rs 31 Lakhs

Nutanix, Inc. is an American cloud computing giant that sells software, cloud services. Starting in 2009, the company reached a billion-dollar valuation within a short span of 4 years in 2014. It launched its IPO a few years later, and the company now brings in annual revenue of nearly $1.5 billion every year.

Nishant, the star of his 2021 batch, has a really intriguing back story! Even though he was at the top of his class through most of his schooling years, he was fueled more by his creativity, desire to learn new things and be the best at them. He has always been into tech, creativity, and entrepreneurship. His competitive attitude and desire to be the best in everything from studies and art to his side gigs has always kept him going. His passions skyrocketed once he got a computer and an internet connection in 7th grade. Learning new ways to express his creativity became one of his core passions. He started his own YouTube channel when it was just starting off in India in 2011. It led to editing, designing, and then eventually, he got exposed to programming and got clarity over what he wanted to do. Tech, computer science, and entrepreneurship have always been at the core of his heart, so he kept the fire burning and joined Lovely Professional University. There were setbacks on his way, but what always kept him going was his eternal love for technologies and perpetual persistence. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel and kept grinding. His journey at Lovely Professional University started with hustling, experimenting with all sorts of stuff that LPU could offer like social media marketing, digital marketing, content writing at LPU Happenings, and sports such as wrestling boxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA), etc.

LPU CSE grad fetches an offer of Rs 31 Lakhs at an American tech giant!

He also got a state-level award in graphic designing in 2015 presented to him by then Miss India winner. What really made his entire coding experience at Lovely Professional University worthwhile were the lectures by sagacious LPU faculties, which created the most foolproof foundation of programming inside him. The key takeaway here is if you want to learn programming, you must learn how to play with it; if you force it, never going to work out for you! He says it’s just like a game of chess or a boxing match unless you understand it’s super boring, but when you get the hang of it, it turns out to be the best thing ever. That’s why at Lovely Professional University, you get to choose from an assortment of unique electives, a buzzing campus, where you can figure out what interests you, so many options to choose from, life at Lovely Professional University is as lovely it gets! Here you don’t have to do something you don’t enjoy there’s something for everyone. Lovely Professional University wishes everyone a happy new year and tons of luck for Nishant in his future endeavors.