We usually picture empty classrooms and campus when we think of summer break. But at Lovely Professional University, it’s completely different. The campus is filled with so many students and faculty even during the holidays! Unlike other colleges, our college has a lot to offer in summer. Here are some:

  • Improvements and backlogs

LPUSummer is a great time to improve your grades. You won’t have classes all day, so you can fully concentrate on a particular subject. While you’re preparing for your exams, you can take an online course and do both side-by-side. This way, you’ll have good grades as well as a certification.

  • Placement classes

LPUPlacement classes are usually held in summer without taking time out of our precious college year. These help in building verbal, reasoning and communication skills. The results speak for themselves, with unbeatable placement records every year.

  • Summer training

LPUTaking a summer course can help you stay ahead of your peers and in developing your knowledge. Online platforms like board infinity, 18.h, upGrad, and on-campus vendors offer huge discounts to LPU’s students to complete their summer training.

  • Events

LPUFrom concerts to celebrity visits, there’s never-ending fun even during the holidays. Not to forget the movie shoots that take place on campus, the reason being how beautiful and well maintained the university is. Most importantly, our college sets up blood donation camps throughout the year, because it’s important to give back.

  • Part-time job

LPUThere will always be openings for various jobs inside the campus and you can take up whichever you’re interested in. You will have to go through an interview first. These part-time jobs will prepare you for the real world.

  • Student clubs

LPUA lot of student clubs will still be operational during the holidays. Some clubs take their members to summer camps or for volunteering. It’s always great to get out there and be productive rather than wasting your summer.

  • Sports

LPUOur university allows students to sign up for sports even in summer! With top-notch training, equipment and dedicated trainers, no wonder our university is home to hundreds of medals and trophies!

When you’re studying in LPU, you don’t understand when it’s a working day and when it’s off. Our university is fun-filled all year round, which is what makes it stand out from the rest!