In celebration of World Photographic Day, Sony BBC Earth has launched its “Earth in Focus” photography competition. “Earth In Focus” is open to everyone with a camera and is a platform for photographers of all skill levels and interests. Sony BBC Earth believes that all you need is a sharp eye, some passion, and some patience to be able to capture a beautiful moment in time. Winners of the photography contest will get prizes for how good they are at taking pictures and how much they love capturing fleeting moments.

It was great to hear that the photographs taken by LPU Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication student Rohit Dey have been chosen as some of the top 15 around the globe. The submissions that received the most votes and finished in first place in each subcategory will advance to the next round of judicial review.

The pursuit of excitement that comes with being alive is what keeps us going. Some people search for it through daring experiences, others by seeing the more primal side of the world, while yet others look for it in the simple splendour of nature. You now have the opportunity to demonstrate to us what it is in life that excites you the most. “Thrill of Life” is this year’s competition’s overarching subject, and within that, there are further subcategories for landscape, adventure, and wildlife photography.

The winner of the competition will not only receive a GoPro Hero 10, but they will also have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their entries broadcast on the Sony BBC Earth channel as well as on their social media accounts. The competition will be judged by Rathika Ramsamy, who has won multiple awards for his work as a wildlife photographer. She has over 19 years of expertise and is considered to be one of the most accomplished wildlife photographers in India. She also founded the RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation (RRFWC).