Once again LPU- NSS has given us reason to be proud of it. The activities conducted by LPU – NSS for 8th National Voters Day had not only achieved in spreading awareness among youth but it also got awarded by SDM Phagwara for it. This has given a boost to ECI’s SVEEP(Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) Program.

The events conducted by LPU-NSS for celebrating and spreading awareness for 8th National Voters day were

  • Debate
    The participants debated on hot topics of national importance and also several issues faced by the society.

  • Quiz
    It was a fascinating to see the participants eager and trying their best to dig into their knowledge to get the right answers as quick as possible.

LPU–NSS has been awarded by SDM Phagwara

  • Elocution
    The participants spoke on topics of national and societal importance. The same also helped enhance their verbal ability and taught them lessons in making an impactful speech. Afterall, it’s an art to keep your audience engaged. There were lessons to learn for the audience too.
  • Drawing
    The participants drew mesmerising drawings that forced the on-looker to ponder. It was indeed hard to choose the best among them, while each one of them was the best in its own way.

LPU–NSS has been awarded by SDM Phagwara

LPU – NSS had also bought all the participants together for pledging on voting correctly without any discrimination.

LPU–NSS has been awarded by SDM Phagwara

Organisations in LPU never seize to amaze us. While academia helps the students grow professionally, being a member of organisations like LPU NSS helps the students grow socially.