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LPU Verto, Jahnavi Dangeti is representing India again internationally on her 2nd field training mission. She has been selected for a Geology field training expedition in Húsavík. She is the first Indian to be chosen for this program, which includes six crew members from around the world.

The program will take her into the highlands of Iceland for training based on the training provided to the Apollo astronauts during the 1960s. The organization has welcomed 6 of the original Apollo astronauts who flew NASA’s Moon missions to return to these same areas and share their experience.

She believes that this program would make a huge impact on her way into space. “I am very excited to get trained where the Apollo astronauts got trained for their Lunar missions and meet the some of the brilliant brains in the space industry,” says Jahnevi.

Earlier, Jahnavi became the youngest female analogue astronaut in the Analog Astronaut Training Center (AATC). She was the very first person of Indian origin to be selected for participation in this programme.

“I am thrilled to see and experience Iceland’s importance in the space industry. Iceland is a good place to do space-related research because it boasts a diverse set of habitats, some of which resemble off-world locales. Iceland is an increasingly popular testing zone for spacesuits, habitats, and off-world vehicles,” says Jahnavi.

In December 2021, Jahnavi served as India’s delegate to the International Air and Space Program held at the Kennedy Space Center (NASA Launch Operations Center). Young people from all around the world were invited to participate in the programme. Jahnavi has successfully completed the astronaut training programme, which included training in zero gravity as well as training in many access points.