E-Sports has evolved tremendously from an underground culture to an alternative genre in the last decade, and its market value has touched the 400 Billion Dollar mark in 2022. The latter has progressed into a voguish sensation with countries like South Korea, Russia, China, and the Czech Republic pouring hefty investments in professional E-Sporting infrastructures. E-Sports are not physically demanding, but they need razor-fast reflexes, enviable kinesthetic awareness, extended gaming sessions, and years of training and devotion. In the bargain, to outmaneuver an opponent, you’ll need the highest degree of psychological strength and equilibrium. Some E-Sporting events like the International 2019 held at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai are acknowledged globally, with commentators, teams, sponsors, etc.

LPU orchestrated the All India Inter-university E-Sports Championship!

Lovely Professional University is known to disrupt stereotypes, and in an effort to encourage E-Sports in India, Lovely Professional University organized the All India Inter-university E-Sports Championship (Men and Women) on campus at the Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium on the 5th of April 2022, which happens to one of the largest of its kind, equipped with the high-end gaming hardware, and outstanding performers from India’s top universities across various states participated in this mega E-Sporting event. E-Sports is not the same as online gaming; it is more adaptive and dynamic than traditional sports, and its competitions vary in size, scope, and regularity.

Throughout the year, Lovely Professional University hosts several contests, networking events, and leisure activities that would serve as a healthy form of amusement, particularly during these turbulent times. At Lovely Professional University, both android and PC gaming categories are supported and encouraged for leisure and reflex training. At Lovely Professional University, students also seek to raise consciousness about gaming addiction since we advocate the creation of a healthy and productive E-Sporting community in which everyone assists those in need. Vertos at Lovely Professional University also want to build teams within the institution for the highest-grossing games so that they could represent their university on a global platform, unlocking immense possibilities!