Russia’s top Southern Federal University (SFeDU), formerly known as ‘Rostov State University, has appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta and Dean R&D, Prof Dr. Chander Prakash of Lovely Professional University (LPU)as ‘Leading scientist and Project Co-Head’.
Both of them are engaged in a mega research project. It is on “Hybrid Neuro-electronics of robotic complexes and systems of artificial intelligence- based on biocompatible memristive nanomaterials”. The project is going on at its Institute of Nanotechnologies.
LPU Chancellor Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal congratulated the research stalwarts at the university for their global recognition, which has amassed glory for both the university and the internationally progressive educational scenario in the country. Here, I feel proud to share that as per Stanford University (USA), LPU faculty is in the top 2% of scientists in the world, as listed in 2022.
During the 1st phase of the project, held from 25th Jun 2023 to 3rd July 2023, LPU scientists visited SFeDU Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don campuses. There, they discussed the academic & research collaboration with various departments. -These include the departments of strategic and innovative development; nano-electronics, electro-hydro acoustic; smart materials research and more.
LPU scientists rendered a road map for the research & academic collaboration between SFeDU and LPU. Collaborations are to be in the academic & research fields. The activities proposed include: Establishment of a Centre of Excellence for “Neuromorphic and Memristive Nanomaterials”; the organization of 2 joint international conferences- on Multi-Scale and Multi-functional Neuromorphic Materials (ICM2NM); and, another on Computing Sciences.
Other collaborations are to be on various research oriented capacity building programs; student and faculty exchange; joint participation in ‘Mega Grants’; joint postdoctoral fellowship; research publication; 1+1 dual/Master/Ph.D. degree and co-supervision; LPU-SFeDU summer schools; international Olympiad in computer programming; and, above all, Russian-Indian Centre for Mathematics at SFedU Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science.
The ‘Research and Development Cell’ at LPU aims to strengthen and support interdisciplinary research and innovation by fostering well-equipped labs and cultivating a strong culture of collaborative research works for the benefit of the global community.