LPU School of Performing Arts Organized a Theater Event – ‘Sang Manch’


7th November, 2016 : Students from third year of the department of Performing Arts performed a series of five plays in the Shanti Devi Mittal auditorium. Through these plays they gave 5 very beautiful messages.

Directed and designed by Baljinde Kaur Sharma, these plays were titled “Paanch”. A large audience filled the auditorium to watch the comic and colourful plays which started with the story of the last days of a parent’s life and a doctor’s emotional attachment with his patient. It showed that everything is not black and white, and sometimes a doctor’s comforting and reassuring words are more powerful than medicine.

The second story illustrated that the world may have humans but it is devoid of humanity, and values and morals mean nothing anymore. The third play showed how the life of a person consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol changed from content to fatally ill.

When one decides to rise above ego it changes the person and positively affects the important relationships in one’s life. That was the message of the fourth play. It revolved around the generation gap and ensuing misunderstandings. It brought home the point that the newer generation’s rebellious behaviour may be a product of the older generation’s unwillingness to adapt to and understand the changing times.

The most attractive feature of the performances was the impeccable comic timing of the actors, and the script. The balance between the humor of the situations, and dialogue, and the seriousness of each message, was smooth and subtle. From the perfectly timed shots and creative stage decor, to the colourful costumes, the students’ efforts successfully entertained the audience.