Studying abroad, exploring new cultures and countries has become the fantasy of many localities. And Lovely professional university has always been of service to students in helping them achieve it and thereby also increases the threshold of achievable, for every student. Not only it helps in getting enrolled in the best universities but also helps them snare the best scholarships which also lessens the financial burden from the shoulders of their parents. Once again, we have another verto who has just kickstarted her journey in one of the best colleges in the United States of America.

The unbeatable tie-ups of Lovely Professional University with International Universities plus a visionary global outlook never fails to give Vertos their golden chance to explore the unexplored world and experience education at its finest in desired countries!  Along with that the much-needed financial support with the help of nearly 100% scholarships is unvanquished.

Bhavarpreet Kaur is another proud verto, after Sabbir Mrida and Raja Sampath, who has made it to the University of North Alabama, under the LPU’s Credit Transfer Program, under which she was supposed to complete one half of the duration of her ongoing course in LPU and another half in any partner foreign university and the key point here is that she will be getting an international degree on the completion of her course, which is far better from starting from scratch. Beyond a shadow of any doubt, we can say that LPU helps in enrolling in the best universities around the globe and only with its assistance, the pressure of finding the best university flies off our minds in a flash.

Bhavarpreet Kaur was an alumnus of LPU and was a student at Mittal school of business (which ranked the 6th Best Institute in India and 1st in Punjab) and has completed one year of her master’s in business administration and is up for another year, at none other than the University of North Alabama in Florence, USA, which has the erudition of the best executive MBA programs. As a bonus for children studying there, to wave off the economic hardship, they are allowed to work part-time as per designed criteria. Working while studying is an amazing option that students can make use of in order to support themselves.

In the fulfilment of one’s dreams, there is no chance of giving up. In addition to that, it requires strenuous efforts and hard work especially in a country where you must strive all alone by yourself. And we wish Miss Bhavarpreet Kaur success in all her academic endeavours overseas.