* LPU ranks among top Universities for 7 STEM & Allied Subjects in Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2024)

* LPU is ranked 1st in Social Sciences; 2nd in both Physical Sciences and Business and Economics; 3rd in Engineering; 5th in Clinical & Health; and 9th in both Computer Science and Life Sciences.

* In this ranking, LPU is ahead of IITs of Guwahati, Dhanbad, Patna, Ropar, Gandhinagar, Mandi, IIIT Hyderabad, BHU, JNU, DU, PU, AMU, Universities of Calcutta, Lucknow and more

Lovely Professional University (LPU) has achieved remarkable recognition in the field of higher education, as it secures top rankings in various subjects in the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2024). In India, LPU’s excellence is evident in its rankings, with the university securing the 1st position in Social Sciences, 2nd position in both Physical Sciences and Business and Economics, 3rd position in Engineering, 5th position in Clinical & Health, and 9th position in both Computer Science and Life Sciences across different bands.

LPU’s outstanding performance in these rankings is particularly noteworthy as it surpasses several well-established institutions such as IITs of Guwahati, Dhanbad, Patna, Ropar, Gandhinagar, Mandi, IIIT Hyderabad, BHU, JNU, DU, PU, AMU, and universities of Calcutta and Lucknow, among others.

Furthermore, LPU has already secured the 25th position among the ‘Top Universities of India (Both Govt. & Private)’ with a worldwide ranking in the range of 801-1000. This accomplishment reflects LPU’s commitment to transforming education and contributing to the development of India.

LPU’s success can be attributed to its focus on developing human resources that are readily employable by the industry and play a significant role in societal and national development. With the tagline “Transforming Education, Transforming India,” LPU has expanded its horizons and established itself as a leading institution in various STEM and allied fields.

LPU’s discipline of Social Sciences provides a conducive environment for research activities, fostering creativity and critical thinking. The field of Physical Sciences encompasses systematic studies of the inorganic world, including areas such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, and earth sciences. The Business & Economics School equips students with advanced statistical tools and techniques for decision-making processes. LPU’s Clinical & Health discipline is a leading institute in India for publishing research papers. Similarly, LPU’s Computer Science and Life Sciences disciplines have also set benchmarks in global education.

LPU takes pride in consistently delivering world-class education across a diverse range of subjects. Its current ranking of 25th among the Top Universities of India (Both Govt. & Private) further demonstrates its commitment to excellence. As LPU strives to compete with elite institutions worldwide, including those in the UK and the US, it has made significant progress in various disciplines and has expanded its presence in multiple countries.

Congratulating all the stakeholders; including the school management, students, and faculty members, Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal, Founder Chancellor of LPU & MP Rajya Sabha, stated, “The competition to excel in all subjects is increasing, and breaking through the elite to reach the top of a discipline is indeed challenging.  LPU has always emphasized the development of industry-oriented programs that are tailored to meet the requirements of accreditation agencies.”

LPU’s impressive rankings surpass prominent institutions such as the University of Calcutta, Delhi Technological University, Punjab University, Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Hamdard University, IIT Guwahati & Gandhi Nagar, Banaras Hindu University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and many others in various subjects such as Business and Economics, Clinical and Health, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

It is worth mentioning that only a few universities worldwide have secured top positions across all 11 subject rankings this year. Stanford University remains the sole institution to feature among the top five in all 11 subjects. LPU is ranked in 7 subjects which is a big feat for an Indian university.

LPU’s remarkable achievements in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2024) reflect its relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to providing a transformative education experience for its students. The university’s commitment to research, innovation, and industry relevance has positioned it as a leading institution in India and on the global stage.