I love poetry. It’s amazing to convey through poems what we can’t through sentences. So, I’m sharing a poem I wrote for our university, LPU.

Shivering, Yet Fighting!


Hey, are you afraid of the darkness?

Shivering hands and feeling heartless?

There’s a lot to tell you dear,

Now we have a college, a hope and nothing to fear.

It was like my daily dose,

Discrimination, doubts and perceptions, when sadly imposed.

Was that ill-society, that I faced?

I knew that the world had me replaced.

But who knew that I was amongst a few,

Who had the guts,

To bear all the painful cuts.  

Help that I needed but found no one by my side,

I lost everything as the hope within me had died.

Falling apart, I never gave up,

That was the time when my college showed up.

I began to fight, for all the snatched rights,

Thanks to LPU, who gave me the might to put up a fight.

So, let us board the train of change,

Let us make the world a little less strange,

Let us be a little more restless,

It was never too late, so let us end the darkness.