The International Astronomical Search Collaboration is a joint program of NASA and IASC to encourage brilliant and curious minds to make a real contribution to the science, by making real discoveries of Main-belt asteroids and near-Earth Objects, in this citizen science program. They provide high-quality astronomical data to citizen scientists around the world and participants are able to make original astronomical discoveries by analyzing the real astronomical data using sophisticated and specialized software to analyze astronomical data.

This year Lovely Professional University took part in this program and its student Kartik Kumar Srivastava has made 7 preliminary astronomical discoveries under this auspicious program. The Asteroids provisionally are named as KUA003, KUA004, KUA006, KUA007, KUA008, KUA009 and KUA018.

Asteroid Images:

We want to encourage the Space culture among our university so that more students are encouraged to be a part and do space discoveries so that we all together can thrive and leave our mark upon this world.

To make an Astronomical discovery, citizen scientists are required to make, MPC Report (Minor Planet Center Report) which is forwarded to various Space Organizations for verification, and after verification, their reports are accepted.

IASC Collaborating Organizations are National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Washington D.C.), MARS India Observatory, Pan-STARRS (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii), Dark Energy Survey (University of Michigan), Astronomical Research Institute (Sri Lanka), Center for Theoretical Physics (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Many More.

For your reference, we have got a GitHub Repository as a guide on how to prepare the MPC Report:

Kartik Kumar Srivastava is chosen as a Point Of Contact for this program from the University, so if you have any query contact him on the If you want to be a part of the Team-2021 to make Astronomical Discovery, fill out this google form before 15 November 2020:

Hope to see you all there!

About the Author: 

Hello, I am Kartik Kumar Srivastava, currently a Sophomore from Computer Science and Engineering (Honours) Batch:2023. I love exploring the Sciences from Artificial Intelligence to the wonders of the Universe. 

I have, A Million Dreams which are keeping me Awake, and let us together achieve those dreams!