Lovely Professional University has been always seen to provide a great platform in the field of research and technology to its students under its expert professors and researchers. LPU is helping not just by facilitating proper labs and equipment but also by raising funds being too crucial for research and innovation to make such creativities and innovations practically possible.

Recently an LPU student Anant Kumar Rajput who is pursuing B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering has developed a decontaminating device built under the direction and guidance of Assistant Professor Mandeep Singh and Ruhul Amin Project Officer from Student Research and Project Cell. The novel device sanitizes inert surfaces using Ultra Violet (UV) light emitted by rods which are fixed in the frame of racket model.

The UV lights have been widely used for the sterilizing purposes mostly in clinical set-ups and laboratories but this excellent innovation by LPU has resulted in reaching the technology to a domestic level which is highly needed in the present situation of this pandemic caused by the deadly coronavirus where everyone is concerned about the hygienic practices and are aware of the importance of cleanliness and sanitization. Presently people are widely adopting hygienic practices all over the world keeping in mind its significant role in the prevention of microbial diseases, currently, the havoc created by the outbreak of COVID-19. The market is flooded with the demands for sanitizers, hand washes, soaps, floor disinfectants and many more, but these items cannot be used everywhere for decontamination purposes and this is where UV light sanitization comes to rescue.

This cool UV light racket is tested and found to kill or inactivate the microbes present on the surfaces of objects and materials and even the deadly coronavirus, preventing these from reaching and spreading to humans. It is designed similar to a tennis racket with two fixed tubes as a source of UV light emission. To sterilize a surface, one needs to wave the device over the target surface holding it 4-5 inches away for continuously 60 seconds. You need not keep a timer with you as this UV light racket has a built-in timer facility that starts beeping once 60 seconds is over and that surface is now sanitized and ready to use immediately. This device could work on direct electricity and has also a rechargeable set up inside, which can provide 15 minutes of power back up.

Now, LPU is looking forward to industrial partnerships to commercialize this excellent innovative device which has an estimated mere launch price of 1000 INR for a single racket. LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal has extremely appreciated the tireless working of the research team behind this wonderful innovation. He said “We are very proud of the research team for developing the portable UV- light racket. The research team worked tirelessly to find a solution to keep away COVID-19. I believe that this will gain huge potential in the market world too, once it is commercialized.”