Lovely Professional University has always produced new talents in every field with students creating and showcasing new as well as unique ideas that are taking them to great heights. Students of LPU have outshined in several professions from engineering, research, business to sports and participated in national and international platforms, receiving prestigious awards and prizes which have contributed towards the success of our University!

Another similar milestone has been achieved by an LPU B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering student Satya Subham Rout who with his start-up business Onedesign, has reached another level. He recognized his love for advertisement and marketing in YouthVibe 2019 where his designing and photoshop skills yielded enough results to increase the reach and likes of a post on LPU’s official social media page through his strict social media planning which in turn made him recognize himself as a graphic designer. And so, the unstoppable journey for him began!

Though he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he can be classified majorly as a marketer, designer, brand, and creative strategist and has always been a creative person which has helped him to run his agency for four years. While staying at LPU, he got opportunities to work with MNCs like Godrej, BookMyShow, and Aditya Birla Group where his job was using his creative ideas and designing annual reports. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Onedesign where he has established a small design house in New Delhi and Dubai. It is a “full-cycle-creative-agency” playing the role of converting ideas into business with all the input that you need including marketing and product strategies, e-commerce, advertising, digital marketing, analysis of pre and post-sale values, and much more! Onedesign family has over 200 members all over the world working together to give customers the best experience.

He had just started with Rs. 2500 for Social Media Marketing; he has taken his business to huge success and turnover of about Rs. 50 lakhs and still growing! He happily admits that they are the first service-based company that has converted into a product-based company transforming a regional scale company into a global scale model.

He also worked as Brand Communications Manager in BlueLetter-Logical Marketing, PurSolutions, and JSW; Brand Designer Manager in RSM GC Advisory; and Design Manager in Aditya Birla Group. He believes that hard work alone does not bring success; dedication and consistency are its main partners. He works towards improving the quality of services in Onedesign to attain a benchmark and set a standard.

At the age of 24, he has achieved what many of us dream of! If you want to contact him and know the secret of his success through him, connect with him on Instagram or Twitter @satyasubhamrout and email on