Beauty pageants have intensified worldwide and have made the notion of empowering women more idolized. Along with propelling the careers of several women, it also aims to make them independent, confident, and sanguine in their lives. We have seen the success of ladies winning pageants and titles like “Miss World” and “Miss Universe”, making the world change and become respectful towards the dreams and aspirants a woman holds.

Recently, we observed India winning the Miss Universe 2021 by none other than Harnaz Kaur Sandhu, who visited the LPU campus during the Campus Princess Event held in October 2019. Harnaaz won the title for the nation after 21 years, ironically the year she was born in i.e. 2000 when it was last won by Lara Datta after Sushmita Sen in 1994. India also witnessed the winning of Miss World 2017 by Manushi Chillar, a medical student, bringing the title home after 17 years since Priyanka Chopra won it in 2000. These women went on with their lives achieving success in the film industry and becoming an inspiration for millions and billions of women to wake up and pursue their ambitions.

Not only India, but we can also see other countries flourishing with these beauty titles; for instance, let’s talk about Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant that was off for more than a decade. Miss Bhutan Pageant was started first in 2008 which crowned the diva Tshokey Tshomo Karchung as the winner and then in 2010 where Sonam Choden Retty won the title. Since then, the Beauty Pageant in this country observed muted silence. This was due to economic reasons and a lack of financial support from the sponsors. Just at the right time, Miss Bhutan Pageant is back with over 300 participants in 2021 and has proceeded after various auditions to the Top 25 round where Sabina Subba, an LPU student who is a model/actor has been selected and is a part of Top 25. She outperformed various candidates across Bhutan and other regions of the world with her beauty and brains and her charming behavior, she has managed to impress everyone. Whosoever wins the Pageant can represent their country in the International Miss Earth Beauty Pageant.

Lovely Professional University congratulates Sabina Subba on her amazing achievement and wishes her the best of luck for the upcoming rounds in Miss Bhutan 2022 and her future as well! Hope she makes all of us proud (which she already has!).