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Alumna Gurpreet Kaur, better known by her stage name Sneha Singh, recently appeared on the popular Indian television show “Punjabiyan Di Dadagiri,” in which she appeared alongside Indian off-spin bowler Harbhajan Singh. Gurpreet, who received her Master’s degree in Theatre and Television, has previously appeared in Punjabi songs, the web series “Hashar,” and other projects. She has a thriving career as an actor, anchor, and model.

LPU Student Gurpreet Kaur Shared the Screen With Harbhajan Singh

On Indian television, Punjabiyan Di Dadagiri with Bhajji is a quiz show in the Punjabi language. Since September 4th, 2021, the show has been broadcast on Zee Punjabi. This show is hosted by Harbhajan Singh, a former member of the Indian national cricket team who is also a television personality. In the competition, there are five rounds, which are as follows: toss, power play, free hit, full toss, and cover drive.

Six contestants are selected for the toss round. Participants had to guess a single answer from four clues. Depending on the question, they get 2, 4, 6, or 12 runs. Incorrect answers result in 0 runs. In this round, there is no elimination. During the power play round, the captains will quiz the players on their categories. The top scorer in the toss round gets to pick the captain. If they respond without an option, it’s 12 runs. But with an option, it’s 6 runs. The wrong answer cuts off 4 runs. This round eliminates two contestants. A girl will appear in the free hit round. The contestants must guess. Each contestant gets six things to guess. None are eliminated. During the full toss, the host will ask questions with two options. The person who presses the buzzer first gets to answer. Contestants get 6 runs if they get it right. Otherwise, -4 runs. This round eliminates two contestants. The final cover drive round places the remaining duo against each other. The contestants must choose from six topics on which they will be quizzed. They can ask the captain twice. This round has a challenge. The contestant with the most runs wins.