Lovely Professional University’s Mittal School of Business is one of India’s finest business schools in 2020, consistently ranked amongst the top 100 institutions in India. Mittal School of Business is a utopia for candidates seeking to make a breakthrough in the management industry. Every year the Mittal School of Business receives thousands of applications from across the globe, but only the crème de la crème of the applicants makes it to the dynamic, expeditious, Lovely Professional University’s MBA case classroom.

Recently few of the crème de la crème Priyanka KaushalBandna Pathania, from the Mittal Business School, got placed at Scaler Academy at a super dream CTC of 13.6 LPA. Scaler Academy is an online tech varsity that provides an online accelerator program that effectively enhances the coding skills of software professionals.

Inside the Mittal School of Business, the faculties allow everyone’s perspective to be constructively challenged by other students, allowing them to paint their canvases, pushing students to do better. Students are taught where do they need to invest the most time. Students are immersed in an environment that supports them to view a situation from a radical perspective and celebrates failures or the diversity of thought when they don’t agree with someone. The students are edified to use limited information then anticipate the best hypothesis and conclusion possible, a task people at upper management have to take on every day.

At Mittal School of Business, students are forced to take a position or take a stand because it compels students to ruminate, think about perils, point out flaws in their ideas, and be open to constructive influence.

At Mittal School of Business, students’ placement preparations extend well beyond the ordinary. As early as the second trimester, students are encouraged to author their own papers, publish their market research, attend seminars, and participate in extracurriculars.

Mittal School of Business prepares students as morally active, intellectually superior, and professionally accountable global citizens to attain their maximum potential. Lovely Professional University’s mission is to achieve brilliance and facilitate accessibility for students who want to broaden their knowledge and prepare to live a purposeful, enlightened life and serve their communities and humankind.