With the globalisation of the world, the way of acquiring knowledge became global too. Everybody started to share their own knowledge with others to advance their knowledge and make a whole community of learners. Since the old times, studying abroad has been the best way to get a global perspective on your thoughts and grow as a person.

It is a dream for every student to study in the top-most university. It is not just to get a quality education, but also about getting the perspective and being deserving to get taught by the teachers in the best environment. This does take a lot of hard work, determination, and ambition. To ease up the process and make the distance between opportunities accomplishments short, Lovely Professional University has been giving the opportunity to study abroad to its students since its start. LPU believes in the holistic development and fraternity for students.

Lovely Professional University’s students are exploring the world and embracing world-class education with LPU’s stellar Semester Exchange Program! They are embracing the fulfilment of the whole global village that we all are. LPU not only provides global diversity on campus but also provides opportunity to experience global diversity in other countries.

LPU’s B.Design (Fashion) student, Agarani Anand, has taken up the fantastic opportunity of studying in Spain at University of Coruna under the semester exchange program. The silver lining on the cloud is that she has successfully acquired a full 100% scholarship through this program offered by LPU. She has opened the doors for the best opportunities in the world with the help of LPU’s semester exchange program. The perseverance that showed in her journey was quite amazing. She has been consistently working upon her goals and passion. That’s what LPU does. LPU gives wings to the student’s dreams.

They understand that it is highly important to understand the world culture to achieve world leadership and be a great scholar. This is the reason that they provide various study abroad programmes to its students. They have provided semester exchange program for the students who wish to study abroad at 100% scholarship. This initiative is for the greatest benefit of the students. LPU has done various tie-ups and MoUs amongst the topmost universities of the world. They have opportunities to send their students overseas to get a great experience at a foreign university for a whole semester. This truly makes us global citizens and puts the best values in us.

Agarani’s hard work and determination have finally given results. She has inspired a lot of students across the world. This means you (Yes, you the reader) can achieve great heights only if you really want it and universities like LPU can help you out in this. Let us wish her heartiest congratulations and all the very best for her upcoming endeavors!