Lovely Professional University embraces the extraordinary path, breaks conventional limits, and sets a remarkable standard that inspires others. Renowned as a pioneering educational institution, LPU has a rich heritage of nurturing future trailblazers. Their distinguished four-year B.Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering, known for its unparalleled curriculum, continues to reign among the nation’s most prestigious. Once more, a Verto from LPU has astounded everyone with its exceptional prowess and aptitude, securing a remarkable career opportunity at none other than CISCO. Milandeep Singh, a Computer Science and Engineering student at LPU, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a lucrative placement at CISCO with a whooping package of 40.13 Lakhs INR.

Milandeep Singh has a strong interest in programming and software development. He is a highly creative individual who thrives on new challenges, consistently achieves top performance, and has excellent learning capabilities. In addition to his technical skills, he possesses exceptional abilities in leadership, communication, management, and working collaboratively with others. From July 2022 to May 2023, Milandeep gained valuable experience as an SDE intern at Infineon Technologies. During this time, he successfully built the Code Validation Framework, a technique used to construct a customized static analysis tool for formally validating C code against a UML model. Furthermore, he designed and developed a GUI-powered desktop tool aimed at tracking task durations, intending to improve project time estimates. Milandeep also made significant contributions to the project by implementing advanced algorithms for driver codes.

CISCO is a renowned company that facilitates meaningful connections in various fields, including business, creativity, education, and philanthropy. Through its comprehensive range of hardware, software, and services, CISCO develops internet solutions that enable seamless access to information anytime and anywhere. CISCO engineers have been at the cutting edge of innovation in Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technology ever since the firm was founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists at Stanford University.  With a global workforce exceeding 71,000 employees, CISCO continues to drive innovation by offering industry-leading products and solutions in core development areas.

On behalf of the entire LPU community, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Milandeep Singh on his remarkable achievement.