Punjab Education Minister S Pargat Singh visited Lovely Professional University where he interacted with its students, sportspersons and young staff members. Padma Shri and Arjuna Awardee Mr Minister-with youth-related 4 portfolios- created a very comforting zone and enabled LPU youth to voice their opinions freely and openly. This occasion was an open and one-to-one interactive show “Youth Talk” organized at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University.

Former Indian hockey team captain with illustrious results, Punjab Cabinet Minister S Pargat Singh is presently Minister of School Education, Higher Education, Sports & Youth Services, and NRI Affairs at a time.

Punjab Education Minister S Pargat Singh interacted with LPU Students

During the open question-answer session, Minister Pargat Singh shared first of all that presently society needs forward leading policies and these will be framed by all of us jointly. Considered a legend of Indian Hockey, Mr Minister shared instances of his life in sports and allied professions and answered a question that learning from sports, he always had logical fights for the just and justice. Here, he shared: “I always want to implement logically right things, and dislike undue interference in the system.” For another question, he emphasized that we should never sacrifice character even amid tough times; destiny always favours the righteous.

Punjab Education Minister S Pargat Singh interacted with LPU Students

Taking the reference of China in implementing sports as education, Mr Minister laid importance on primary education to further lead it to specialization and super specialization later on. In this context, he also explained why he has 4 inter-related portfolios of the Ministry. Talking about one of his crucial hockey matches with Germany, where he scored four goals in the last six minutes of the game for an equalizer of 5-5, he shared about sheer hard work, team spirit and faith in teammates. He also talked about having a healthy & simple diet, avoiding regrets and pressures; doing one’s the best, entrusting one’s passion & thrust, and always ignoring badness. Sharing about the toughness pursued by all the members of Lovely Group, Mr Minister asked LPU youth to invest more hours in hard work which is always result-oriented. He also wanted accountability of one and all in the systems implied upon.

On this occasion, Lovely Group Chairman Mr Ramesh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal, and General Secretary Punjab Hockey Federation Mr Nitin Kohli were also accompanying him. Welcoming the Minister, Chancellor Mr Mittal shared that he always carries team spirit in each field, and applauded the Minister for justifying equally all the top four portfolios in the present Ministry of the Punjab Cabinet.