Hi readers! I’m Aanchal Kumari, an alumna of Mt. Carmel School, Digwadih, and currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor degree in “Integrated BSc. B.Ed.” from Lovely Professional University Jalandhar Punjab.

My school assigned me the task “Community Development Project” namely Waste Management in Routine Life under SDG-13 (Climate Action). The scene which inspired me to start this campaign with waste management was seeing people generating waste uselessly and thinking that managing waste is the government’s duty, so they take it for granted.

So, I planned to work on this small issue on a bigger scale and my continuous efforts turned into the results listed below:

  • The objective behind the project is to make people habituate waste management in their daily routine on their own.
  • I selected my society to implement the idea and I visited all the houses in the society.
  • I found various issues related to waste management like no estimation of food, light, water, use of plastics, shyness to clean the waste, unplanned dumping at any place, sanitary napkins dumping, and household wastes not being reused or recycled in perfect manner.
  • After starting my campaign, I made sure the common public of my locality was aware of the use of blue and green dustbins, made them acquainted with the reuse of single-use plastic bottles for planting or decorative purposes, asked them to use 2 different dustbins at home for dry waste and wet waste respectively, and asked them to cook in estimation or to feed animals with the leftover food.
  • In places like Jharkhand (the largest producer of coal) mainly cooking depends on coal-based cooking set-ups; this can save electricity but can result in the wastage of lot of coal so asked people to install induction in home for cooking purposes which will utilise lesser electricity.
  • After implementation of this project, the changes were incredible, and people had a routine of dumping waste with proper method of segregation.
  • Women were made aware of a period tracking application “BLOOM CALENDER” which also gives us many other features about women’s health and hygiene and was very useful for teenage girls and middle-aged women. This inspired many women to use sanitary napkins and take care of their personal hygiene.
  • I have collaborated with many organisations like Pentaomnia, Enviro Promise, Rising Star Youth Foundation and Bloom Calendar and they are helping me to implement my model in their nearby societies on a greater scale with social media campaigns.
  • This campaign is already in progress with these organisations in Bihar, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Jharkhand along with their social media campaigns.
  • 30+ Societies and 5+ organisations have adopted my model of managing waste in routine life on their own and my target is to make whole society follow this.
  • I have worked hard to develop this model of waste management in routine life, and I’d be happy if it turns into a profitable and work generation entity.

There are some unseen hands behind my project, and I am thankful to them. “If we are rich in the resources that mean we have many opportunities to do the things” and the same happened to me. I am proud to share that LPU-NSS has helped me a lot in each step of my project from planning to implementing it in society to concluding. Special thanks to Dr. Nitin Bhardwaj Sir, Deputy Dean and Head of Division of youth affairs, Lovely Professional University, Faculty of School of Education Dr, Satish Sir, mentors Dr. Yashpreet Ma’am and Dr. Shikha Ma’am and specially Mahammad Shahid, Deputy Officer, Department of Community Services, Youth Affairs, LPU. Without their support, I could not have been able to do this project.