LPU’s Division of Alumni Relations in collaboration with Bengaluru Chapter Core Committee Members organized the Virtual Alumni Meet: Bengaluru Chapter. Held on 30th April 2023, the event was truly special as it brought Alumni from different corners of Karnataka together. This virtual gathering provided an opportunity for alumni to reminisce and forge new connections.

In the beginning, Famin, Deputy Officer, Alumni Relation, gave a warm welcome speech, expressing gratitude to all the attendees for joining the event. Famin’s welcoming words created a sense of community and togetherness among the participants.

The event was further enriched by the introduction of Gagan Chaudhary and Dhritiman Ghosh, among the top Alumni of Bengaluru Chapter who took turns welcoming the other members and sharing their own experiences and achievements. Their introductions provided a glimpse into the diverse range of backgrounds, skills, and accomplishments represented within the alumni network, and helped to create an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity.

The Bengaluru Chapter Virtual Alumni Meet was attended by a diverse group of alumni from various industries and professions, including highly reputed companies such as Airbus, SAP, BOSCH, Cognizant, KPMG, D E Shaw, Deloitte USI, SmartQ, FICO, and Regalix. The event also witnessed esteemed scholars, researchers and skilled freelancers, who added to the richness and depth of the discussions.

With the participation of around 50 alumni, the event provided a unique opportunity for these individuals to connect, network, and share their experiences with one another. The presence of such accomplished and talented individuals further emphasized the value and prestige of Lovely Professional University and highlighted the potential for future collaborations and partnerships.

The event was a tremendous success, showcasing the strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support that characterizes the Bengaluru Alumni Chapter.