Imagine that you are showing up for a guest lecture on marketing strategies for the Business Communications course, then finding that the distinguished speaker is looking for an intern for its company. You haven’t brought your resume and you’re on the verge of losing an opportunity, again. Having a stack of personally defined business cards with you will save you from writing on a wrinkled napkin that’s not sure of making it to his desk the other day. Beyond that, it will also bring you one step closer to your dream job.

The major question is why do we need to own business cards?

The answer to this is very simple. They make your personal brand. After graduation you definitely don’t want to end up in your parent’s house while you’re still searching for a job, trying to figure out what you excel in. These cards don’t just give information or build new contacts; they also reflect the personality of the person who carries it. There are very few of the students who carry these around like professionals and when opportunities speak up, they are the ones who stand out in the sea of students. Whether you’re in a grocery store or a networking event, there is always something that you can give to them so that they can contact you and know who you are.

Your card majorly depends on the industry or major. If you are a student of graphic designing they definitely don’t want a white background with Arial Font. That wouldn’t speak of your capabilities. Instead, you can showcase your designing talent with color palettes, unique typography and opt for a more streamlined look. Include contact information, name, email and address communicating your professional interests and bam! You’re good to go back to being the grad student who’s just a professional too.