A new place can be pretty exciting and a little scary. You join a college, you walk into your hostel and you see a dark, smelly, hostel room. Is this your home? Don’t worry. You can transform your hostel room just like a home away from home.


hostelTo start with, lighten up your room. Add lights, pictures, paintings to the ceiling and walls. Freshen up your room by adding different accent pieces. This will help stay excited about keeping your room the freshest on the entire floor.

Keep it Clean

hostelThe smaller the room, the easier the mess. Make a habit of tidying up and making a bed before you leave the room. You feel less stressed when you come home to a nice clean room. Don’t forget to dust and sweep. Don’t let your laundry pile up.

Utilize your Space

Most hostel rooms can feel a little cramped. If you are claustrophobic or just want some extra foot room, try bunking your beds. If bunking is not attainable, try lofting your own bed and you can then utilize the extra space under your bed. You can also try bed-risers so you can at least have some extra storage.

Cozy it Up

hostelTogether with decorating, adding some cozy, useful furniture can transform your room. You can put a soft rug down on the floor. If you have an exposed closet, you can cover it with a patterned curtain. Finish your room off with a diffuser to give off your favorite scents.