Camping activities are like addictions, once you fall for it, you can never come back. Although, not that much popular in India, in the foreign countries, specifically, the European countries and the American states, it is one of the most sought after mode of taking a break from the daily monotonous schedule. But time is changing. Although not with that much pace, still in recent years, camping will emerge as one of the most liked forms of enjoyment in our country too. Well, here come some hacks to try to make your next camping trip a lot easier:

  • Buy A Large Multi-Slot Backpack

CampingSay goodbye to your old, small bags that you used earlier to carry things while camping. Instead buy a large backpack having numerous zips, sockets, and straps. You want to enjoy the beauty, serene atmosphere and not want to show your strength to others by carrying 2-3 bags on each shoulder, right? Also, make sure that there are no wear and tears in it. Because if the bag rips apart, releasing all or the majority of its contents, you can imagine the trouble that you going to face. And a smart decision would be to purchase a backpack that has a rain cover too.

  • Carry Minimum Requisite Electronic Accessories With You


See you are not going to camping to be active on social media, texting each other or using FB, Whatsapp and so on. You are there to take a break from the daily schedule. Moreover, you can’t expect to get signals when you are camping on the top of a hill, in woodland or any sparsely populated areas. So, what is the use of carrying your laptops or tablets with you? These things will just add on weight and nothing else. Also, there exists the fear of damaging them or getting a scratch on their body frame, even if you are careful enough not to leave them behind. So, just take your phone, a headset and move on, to enjoy the back-to-basics days in the lap of nature.

  • Take A Multifunction Knife

CampingBelieve me, it will not only save a lot of space and reduce weight but also make your trip a lot easier too. These days, multifunction knives are available with a variety of tools ranging from different shapes and sizes of knives to screwdriver, cork drill, hook, bottle opener, blade, chisel, and even cutters. All these functionalities will be available in just about 10 centimeters of length and 3-5 centimeters of breadth. Just check that the tools work perfectly fine before going camping so that you are not facing hurdles to perform even the basic tasks like cutting a rope.

  • Divide the Tasks Among Yourselves

CampingOkay, you might have good leadership skills or event organizing capabilities. Use your skills in anything else you want but it is generally advised to divide tasks when you are preparing for camping. There are numerous small yet effective things that are needed to be taken care of. Just take a case when you forget to take tissue papers with you. Every time you and your team finishes a meal you have to use drinking water to wash hands when there are no water sources available nearby thus leaving you short of drinking water. So, divide the tasks and assign each member at least one job like managing the fund, buying food items, buying tents and pillows, etc. to look after.

Small Hacks, Huge Impacts

  • Have a headlamp? Tie it around your translucent gallon jar to convert it into a bright lantern.
  • Make use of paper soaps instead of carrying soap bars.
  • Always carry insect repellents. Use it twice a day and especially before entering dark woodland or sleeping in the tent. It will prevent you from getting sick due to insect bites.
  • Carry ready to use foods as much as possible instead of carrying all your cooking items. Shake and pour pancakes or ready to use noodles are excellent options.
  • Carry a surplus amount of lighters. Because some may break or fuels may leak out too.

Thus you are all ready to embark on a successful and memorable camping trip. Happy journey.