As evident from its name, ‘One World’ is an event that manifests the oneness of the world and depicts that despite the huge diversity in the world, we all are the same at our hearts. These two days, 21st and 22nd November will fill the campus with vibrancy and splendour with students depicting the cultures and festivities of different nations of the world. All these students will come together to show that boundaries and cultures might classify us, but in the end, love and humanity unite us all. Besides spreading the message of peace and unity, this cultural extravaganza gives us a lot more to learn:

Opportunity to Understand Different cultures:

Even if you live in a cosmopolitan city, how often do you find the time out of your work-home-work schedule to look around the people walking in the street and to make friends with someone who is from a different culture? This unique fest presents to the students not only the opportunity to represent their own culture but also to see and understand the diverse cultures of different nations.

One World LPU

Growing an Open Mind:

While intolerance grips the minds of many influential people, the vertos at LPU are setting new standards in keeping an open mind. Living and learning with peers from entirely different cultures, a student at LPU learns to understand that every culture, every race and every nation is beautiful. Students from about 50 nations will be participating in this event. The depiction of culture in the form of dance and music gives us a chance to catch a glimpse of so many different nations of the world at one place!

One World LPU

A depiction of Unity:

Boundaries of language, colour, race and race seem to diminish when one sees so many students dressed up in different cultural attires laughing, dancing and grooving together. There is one common goal that everyone sees: growth and prosperity. The conventional boundaries fade away and innovation and technology replace them uniting the world.

One World LPU

Unique and Phenomenal Themes:

Every year, a theme is chosen to showcase the diversities of the world. Last year’s theme was “Promoting World Peace”. This year, the theme is “Festivals”. The assortment of performances will exhibit the trademark festivals of different nations.

A Platform to Display Talent and Make Memories:

It’s needless to mention how big a platform this event gives to the students. Of course, several opportunities come their way to display their talents, but being a part of this grandiose event is something to be proud of. Participants, as well as witnesses of this event make memories that stay with them for a lifetime.

Carries the Message of Globalisation:

While the diplomats of the world are engrossed in gaining a strategic edge to make their nation the most powerful, this event sends a strong, brave and a beautiful message out to the rest of the world – a message of equality, a message that says no one is bigger than me and neither is anyone smaller than me. That we gain from each other and provide to each other and progress towards a glorious future together.

One World LPU

The fest will be witnessed by 20 Ambassadors and officials from 11 countries including Afghanistan, Maldives, Ghana, Gambia and more. Be sure not to miss this magnificent cultural fest!