MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of those well-known courses whose stardom in the field of education lies just next to the Engineering and Medical Science. MBA has always been the first option for almost more than half of the freshly graduated Indian population. And it can be very well understood by the total number of students appearing annually for exams like CAT, GMAT, and other related exams. With time the course of MBA has become more diverse and specialized with more and more specialization coming to this course every year.

Though an MBA has been a top choice for the higher studies, it also alters the course of the path which many students have taken during graduation. Like for example many engineers after graduating with their engineering degrees obtains their MBA and then go on to working in those sectors which are unrelated to the course which they have done in their graduation. And that is also one of the reasons why many freshly graduated students don’t go for an MBA. But if there is an option for doing MBA in the same course in which you have graduated. Well, it is not only a good thing but also a blessing. An MBA in biotechnology is one such thing. This post-graduation in the field of business and management focused on the core field of biotechnology is one of the growing courses in India. So what is this MBA in Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is one such diverse course that needs the idea and knowledge of both basic core biology and technology but at the same time, it also does need the basic professional knowledge of how to apply it and bring it to the modern world so that the general population can endorse it. Studying general courses of biotechnology would help one to produce those things but what about making the population understand that the thing which you have produced is beneficial. People, in general, are all not science graduate and nor do have the knowledge in the field of biotechnology as deep as you. Here the MBA part comes in.

As an MBA in Biotechnology, you would be knowing the core field of biotechnology and as well as the knowledge from the core field of business and management. Through the integration of this one can easily make that product hence produced to be endorsed by the general public. And yes how does it differ from the general MBA. A guy with a general MBA would able to sell and manage things, but when it comes to biological products people or say the general population tends to hear or believe those who are associated with them. A general MBA guy would take the reference of a guy from the core field and have to manage it accordingly as well. But you as an MBA in biotechnology you would be having the upper hand against him.

With our world under the grasp of the COVID-19, one thing is very sure. And that is post-COVID-19 there would be a spike in the investments in the field of biotechnology and biological sciences. And its effect can be very well seen with institutions like defence research organizations like DRDO developing PPEs, biological cover shields, and others. Additionally, as the field of medicine is getting more specialized with the advent of technology, there is indeed a huge demand for potential candidates who have the specialized knowledge of both biology and MBA.

And here is the reason why MBA in Biotechnology would be a greater career choice for many aspiring minds. The general eligibility criterion for MBA in Biotechnology is that you must be a degree holder in any field of biology and that can either be a B.Sc or a B.Tech. You then need to proceed for exams like CAT or any other exams which related to it, as different universities and colleges have different eligibility criterion of admission. And that’s it there you are with an MBA in Biotechnology. The average fees of this course hover around the same as that of any general MBA degree and the salary range of an MBA graduate in Biotechnology ranges within INR 9-17 lakh or may be greater depending upon the potential of the candidate.