With our whole world under the grasp of the deadly coronavirus, the domain of biotechnology has come up like an angel to help the medical practitioners and professionals in combating this. But as we are making our way through this crisis, many scientists and educationists believe that post-coronavirus, there are few domains and things which earlier unknown to the masses will now become one of the most versatile and defining things once this all ends. Among these all is Biotechnology.

What is Biotechnology? Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science that encompasses the domain knowledge of conventional and practical biology and integrates itself with present-day technology. Well, this not only helps us to understand biology in a better way but also aids us in bringing very practical solutions to the number of such things which we earlier used to think are impossible. Starting from cosmetics we use, to the medicines we have, to the types of machinery in the hospitals to the aiding of the law enforcement in crime scenes, biotechnology is present in every sphere now. And as our world makings its way through this crisis, it is believed that the whole world will invest in this domain heavily, once this all ends. Now the question which arises is what the prospects of taking biotechnology are. So basically if you opt for biotechnology you can;

  • Go to the field of medicines. You can use the domain knowledge of biotechnology in developing vaccines, researching various kinds of diseases, and their causative agents and you can aid the doctors as well in developing high-end life-supporting machinery and systems as well.


  • You can go to the domain of the food and beverage industry. You can aid the companies in developing new types of beverages, food items, developing new kinds of flavors and others.


  • Or if you want to do something more adventurous. You can aid the Law Enforcement and Police Forces in crime scenes by using the specific domain knowledge of biotechnology.


  • And if you want to associate yourself with the core technology, you can be a computational biologist or can use your domain knowledge along with graduates from electronics, electric, and computers to develop the science of artificial intelligence.

These all are just a few of the thousand ways by which a biotechnologist can associate itself by either remaining in its core domain or getting associated with any other domain. This beauty of biotechnology differentiates itself from the others as here you can be whatever you want and can go to whatever domain or area you want. So now how you can choose this exciting field. Well here is the answer:

You can either do B.Sc in Biotechnology or can join B.Tech in Biotechnology or can either join its allied subjects like Biomedical, Forensic Science, Bioengineering, or Food Technology. But this is not the end, each of these domains is further divided into multiple other domains like Medical Biotechnology, Stem Cell Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biopharmaceuticals, Bioprocess Engineering, Nano Biotechnology, Biomaterials and many more other courses.

In India mainly there are several universities which offer these courses. And the best thing is that our Lovely Professional University is one such university which provides all these courses. Moreover, our university has the best facilities like labs and instruments to provide the perfect start for the aspiring future biotechnologists.