Mohammad Asif Iqbal, Human Capital and E-Gov Consultant, Addressed LPU MBA Students


Being disabled is a physical challenge, but not being able to realize your dream is a serious disease.

Mr.Mohammad Asif Iqbal, Human Capital and E-Gov consultant, was at LPU on 3 September 2016 to address MBA students. He shared his inspiring life story with the students, telling them that giving up is never an option for those who wish to succeed. 

Mr. Iqbal comes from a small town, 400 km away from Kolkata. Having lost 50% of his sight at a very young age, he was treated like a burden by his family and teachers. His life changed when his uncle from the USA came for a visit with his American wife and they decided to take him with them for treatment and education.

He was refused a Visa twice before he could finally make it to Oregon, USA at the age of nine. When he was in the second grade, an incident happened which changed his view towards life forever. At that time he was failing all his courses and doing exceptionally badly at PT. However, his teachers were unfailing in their support and confidence in Iqbal. At a particular race, even though he finished last, Iqbal’s teacher told him that he had done well considering the foreign environment and the various adjustment issues. He encouraged young Asif to keep trying and not give up. 

It took dedication and hard work from both Asif and his teachers, but over the years, he grew into a confident straight A’s student. But then tragedy struck and Iqbal lost his vision completely. Yet he didn’t give up. With support from his teachers he graduated among the top ten in his class. He came back to India, thereafter, to begin college in Kolkata. Following the then prevalent trend he appeared for CAT, with the help of a writer and under the provision of a quota, to get entrance into a Top MBA College. He missed Symbiosis by 2 marks, but upon personal appeal, was granted an interview. After a thorough two hour grilling he was admitted to the MBA program at Symbiosis, which he completed in 2005.

He now has more than 10 years of experience in human capital consultation, and also has to his credit the design and implementation of the UIDAI social inclusion strategy, enabling Aadhaar enrolment for marginalized groups such as the disabled, leprosy afflicted, homeless, and migrant labourers in India. He was also instrumental in designing KRA, KPI, skill gap assessment for state of West Bengal, and the E-governance roadmap. He is also a part of the PwC advisory interviewing panel at leading campuses like IIM Lucknow, IIM Ranchi, and IIM Shillong. He is currently serving as a board member of the National HRDN network, Kolkata chapter. 

During his interaction with the MBA students he motivated them to work hard towards achieving their goals, no matter what the circumstances. Concluding the lecture, he asked all the students to stand and sing along with him. Like the lecture, this last exercise was also unique and memorable.